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Wayne K. D. McIntosh Divorce Attorney



Divorce Attorney Wayne has practised family law almost exclusively, in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years and with his overseas experience for nearly twice that in the law and business.  During that time he has developed tried and true methods designed to enhance your chances of achieving a successful outcome.  Divorce Lawyer Wayne McIntosh's unique background and some of his winning strategies are shared below:




For years I watched as what appeared to be good people, lose badly in Court when it came to their own children.  Often this was for no other reason than they approached the entire matter from the wrong point of view, their view, rather than the children’s.  I developed the McIntosh Method to change the conversation from “I want the children to be with me…” to “I believe it is the children’s best interests to be able to spend the following times with me for these reasons...” 

The McIntosh Method has 5 simple steps as follows: 

1. Identify what you want. 

2. Identify what the other party wants. 

3. Identify the other party's “agenda” and if you have one too. 

4. Identify what is in the children’s best interests now. 

5. Identify the most efficient way to achieve 4. 

Sometimes in more challenging cases,  the McIntosh Method involves  assistance from our excellent bay area psychologists to help parents develop insight into their situation.


You may have heard horror stories about divorces dragging on for many years and costing tens if not over a hundred thousand dollars.  You may also have been advised by your friends you need an "aggressive" lawyer to alternatively protect what you have or to get what you deserve.  The two are linked.

You never need nor should you want an "aggressive" lawyer.  What you really need is an EFFECTIVE lawyer to advocate in a professional way for you with your ex-partner/their lawyer, the Courts and anybody else involved in your case.  Wayne is known not only for his effectiveness in Court but also for his professional and civil communications with other parties and their lawyers.  The case is all about you.  It should never be about your lawyer throwing more fuel on the fire which can end up wasting time and money and delay or prevent opportunities to resolve parts or all of your case.


Sometimes to be successful you have to take a step back and really decide what you want and be clear about it with yourself and your lawyer.  This is normally the first step on the path to success.  Success and winning are not necessarily the same.  Success can mean both parties come out of their matter intact and with respect for each other.  Winning usually means there is a loser and that could be you.  Family law matters can be very emotional at times, are complex and are usually extremely challenging to resolve.  If you adopt a take no prisoners approach or a win or lose mentality you  would have forgotten that family law is a two edged sword especially where minor children are involved.  Being the generous parent, looking for compromise and resolution can help avoid  years of torment for yourself and your children.  Issues of custody and visitation do not have to be zero sum games.  For property cases early and full disclosure and a good faith attempt at a fair settlement can help you avoid spending a signifcant chunk of your hard earned dollars you are focused on trying to protect on your legal matter.  The longer your proceedings drag on the more you will be billed by your lawyer.




Wayne started in Auckland, New Zealand, graduating from the University of Auckland after completing a challenging combined Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws in just 4 years.  Wayne achieved top marks at Auckland University made up of 11,000 students where he found the time to run and was elected Student President  in a landslide victory in his last year.  He was then recruited by a leading Merchant Bank, MARAC Corporation, moving to Citibank before becoming the founding Company Secretary for New Zealand's first publicly listed Investment Bank, founding Company Secretary for NZ’s first publicly listed Venture Capital company and a Director of a large publicly traded property investment company before starting his own corporate consulting firm.  Again recruited back into the corporate world, Wayne worked as the Director of Finance and Investments for one of the fastest growing comercial property development firms before moving from Auckland to Melbourne, Australia where he worked initially for Australia’s leading investment bank prior to being admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Victoria in Melbourne where he worked in banking and finance for one of Australia’s largest legal firms.  He then moved into a large insolvency practice for one of the oldest established firms in that country.  Wayne then established his own legal firm for over 10 years with a staff of 15 including 5 lawyers focusing on property (it included a Title Company), finance, civil litigation, estates and family law where he developed his interest in family law issues.  

On emigrating to San Francisco in 2002 with his NY born Wife and young son, Wayne opened his own legal practice dedicated primarily to family law in San Rafael.  Already a New Zealand Citizen by birth and a naturalized Australian Citizen, Wayne applied for and became a US Citizen in 2006.  Wayne is a *Certified Family Law Specialist, certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization of the State Bar of California.  Wayne is also a member of the State Bar of California, Family Law Section, the Association of Certified Family Law Specialists, the Marin County Bar Association, Family Law Section and the Marin Trial Lawyers Association.   

UNIQUE BACKGROUND AND QUALIFICATIONS:  Wayne is one of very few lawyers in the Bay Area to have actually practicised law outside the USA, to have a business background and to have both an accounting based degree as well as a law degree.  As a result he is highly sought after for international family law matters and complex financial family law matters domesically.  See the International Tab.

Volunteer Organizations:  Wayne has been a member of Rotary (at one point being a Club Treasurer) and was on the board of Easter Seals Northern California chapter (also acting as Treasurer) until he was termed out after 6 years.  He was one of the co-founders of Echelon Riders Club, a recreational cycling club based in Marin County having successfully raced in his younger years in New Zealand, Australia and the USA in cycling and triathlons.  

SWIMMING:  Wayne is currently an N3 certified official for USA Swimming (highest level) and can be seen mainly on weekends volunteering his time at swim meets in the Bay Area and across the State and Country from Age Group Meets right up to National Championship Meets.  During the High School season Wayne runs Swim Meets both in Marin and Sonoma Counties and is currently the Meet Referee for MCALS end of season championship Swim Meet in Marin County, where he lives with his Wife, son (a swimmer) and German Shepherd dog, "Bear".