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Testimonials - Divorce and Family Law

Testimonials - Divorce and family law


Robert M.


KIND AND UNDERSTANDING:  I have been a client of Wayne's for about 5+ years now. I was going through a nasty divorce, I couldn't ask for a kinder, more understanding and positive friend to help me though such a terrible time in my life. Thank god I had him on my side!! He's a straight shooter, never steered me wrong.  He's won epic battles time and time again for me against one of the highest paid lawyers in San Francisco.  Thank you Wayne!!

Julee D.

COMPASSIONATE, INSIGHTFUL, PREPARED.  A WINNER:  We've been in the middle of a custody battle with an ex that can't let go and admit the divorce was over 7 years ago.  For her, every little thing is an attempt to gain control by dragging us back into court.  Wayne has been a true champion!  He has patiently explained his strategy and how we'll win (WE DO WIN!!!), coached us on how to deal with absurdities, lies and delusions, and held our hands while he put our fears and concerns to rest.  Without Wayne, we would have lost custody years ago and we would never see our son again.  He's compassionate, insightful, helpful, a fair and reasonable adviser, and has an insight into what the court really wants so that we are always BEST PREPARED for whatever the outcome.  We highly recommend Wayne.

Joe J.

KNOWLEGEABLE, ORGANIZED, GREAT IN COURT.  For many years I have relied on Wayne to guide me through a difficult divorce and ongoing custody and visitation disputes with my ex.  I now have sole legal and sole physical custody of our daughter thanks to Wayne's excellent guidance at every turn.  Whenever there is a problem I know I can pick up the telephone and Wayne will be there for me to help me make the right decision each and every time.  I would not go anywhere else. 

Jack M.

SUCCESS IN COURT:  S., an old friend, was dragged into Marin Court by an ex-husband. Totally unjustified. Her attorney, Wayne K. D. Mcintosh, completely won her case today, and even made the ex pay much of his legal fees. Bravo, Wayne.

P. C.

BEST ATTORNEY:  Wayne McIntosh is without a doubt the best Family Law attorney in Marin County. He is very knowledgeable and always gave me great advice , that was also in the best interests of my children. My divorce was 4 years ago and last year my ex-wife filed for sole physical custody and sole legal custody of our children. I hired Wayne to represent me. He did a wonderful job and we won the case. Wayne is a Certified Family Law Specialist. In the beginning I did not think this was important. However a year later, I believe this is a critical thing. Since the beginning, Wayne has counselled me that a very important goal is to reduce the tension between my ex-wife and me and not just focus on winning the case. Ultimately this leads to better results for the children and a happier life for them and their parents. After following his advice, my time with the children was increased by the Court both times we appeared and my children are very happy and I’m very happy because of it. The happiness of my children is extremely important to me. Wayne was so effective each time that by the time we got to Court my ex no longer had any objections to the reasonable and sensible Orders Wayne drafted up for me to ask the Court to make.  Thank you for your wise legal advice.


GREAT ATTORNEY:    I have been working with Wayne McIntosh for the past 12 years. I initially hired him to help me with my divorce and custody issues and from the beginning he has been incredible with handling a very difficult situation related to the custody of my daughter. I have had to call upon Wayne regarding subsequent custody issues throughout the years and he has helped me secure both full legal and physical custody of my daughter. I have been continually impressed not only by his breadth of legal knowledge but his genuine caring for the well being of my daughter and always working for her best interests. Throughout this process I have always felt confident in his sound guidance, reliable support, and incredible timely responses to any of my questions and concerns. He is more than just an excellent attorney, he is a great person who is easy to talk to and has the ability to reduce the stress that goes along with legal matters related to family law. I would highly recommend Wayne McIntosh of Marin Family Lawyers to anyone seeking legal counsel in any family law matter.


RICHARD PARIS:  Family Law Attorney.  JUSTIA RATING 10.0  Wayne is an excellent attorney in every way.  He is one of the best.  He is excellent analyzing cases and advising his clients and arguing in Court.  LEGAL KNOWLEDGE:  Excellent.  A superb attorney.  Cuts right to the critical core of the case.  Great legal mind.  Can determine what is essential to prove or disprove to achieve victory.  He is able to explain his legal analysis.  He is a very personable guy.  I would recommend Wayne to my family and friends for family law and estate planning.


ROBERT CLEEK:  Family Law Attorney.  Justia Rating 9.0  Well I suppose nobody's perfect, so I gave Wayne a "nine".  Seriously though I can find no fault with this man.  He is a valued colleague.  Waye McIntosh is a diligent professional who advocates strongly for his clients but always has a collegial demeanor when working with opposing counsel.  He is reasonable and seeks "common ground" rather than magnifying grievances.  LEGAL KNOWLEDGE:  He takes the time to research the applicable law and always has a good command of the facts.  He appropriately applies the law to the facts at hand.  He does not make unsupported arguments.  He expresses himself clearly and well.  He returns calls promptly.  His written work product is excellent.  He is a very honest and straight forward advocate.  He does not denigrate opposing parties or their counsel.  His previous practice experience in the British Commonwealth legal system provides an added dimension to his current practice in California family law.  I suppose the best word to describe that is "civility".  I would recommend Wayne to my family and friends.

Success Stories

Over $50,000 in sanctions


In a very difficult family law case, the husband constantly hid his assets and income.  By the use of subpoenas and working with a forensic accountant,  Wayne obtained the true income and assets and was able during the course of the matter to not only negotiate an excellent settlement but obtain sanctions worth over $50,000.

Complex High Asset High Conflict Case


In a case involving millions of dollars Wayne was able to quickly identify and determine the community property proportion of a number of assets resulting in an early setlement and savings of thousands of dollars in legal fees for both sides.

Sole Custody to Joint Custody


Working for the Father, who was accused of having a drinking problem and had no visitation with his son for months Wayne was able to develop the case to allow the Father to start seeing the son with supervised visits to reunify them and worked to obtain orders where the parents shared joint custody and the son enjoyed unsupervised parenting time with the Father of nearly 40% timeshare.  A huge turn around in a quick time, so essential to avoid damaging the child parent bond that long absences can create.