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Estate planning & asset protection

Pre-Marital Agreements or Pre-Nuptial Agreements


Often overlooked, this is where many estate plans begin.  Clear characterization of community and separate assets, expectations and clarification of waivers can avoid disputes over thousands if not millions of dollars later on.  

Wills, Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives


Wills, Powers of Attorney (durable) for Financial Management and Advance Health Care Directives can be very useful basic estate planning tools.



The Family Revocable Living Trust like a Prenuptial Agreement is one of the most common "off the shelf" estate planning tools in California today.  While some of the tax advantages may be gone, the privacy and avoidance of Court supervised Probate on death still make this a powerful tool.

Probate Court


Guardianships for minor children, Conservatorships, (Limited for adults with developmental challenges), Temporary and General for a Conservatee.

Probate Court


Probate Administration:  Petitions for Probate, Inventories and Appraisals, Court cash based accounting and reporting and Probate litigation  for contested estates.

Special Trusts


We have developed a number of specially crafted revocable and irrevocable Trusts mainly for our high net worth clients to meet unusual family needs.